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How will IOT change the world?

Wednesday, 06 September 2023

In this engaging podcast from ehsanghanbari.com, host Ehsan delves into the captivating realm of IoT (Internet of Things). He explores IoT's profound impacts and how it's reshaping our future. Beginning with a clear definition, Ehsan unfolds the essence of IoT, where everyday objects connect to the internet, creating convenience and efficiency in our lives. He takes us on a journey through smart cities, where technology optimizes urban living, and then ventures into healthcare, showcasing how IoT devices are becoming personal health assistants. Industrial automation follows, illustrating how IoT enhances productivity and minimizes downtime. Finally, agriculture benefits from IoT with precise data gathering, automation, and resource optimization. Ehsan concludes with a glimpse into the future of IoT, where seamless integration promises a more connected and efficient world.

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Category: Technology

Tags: IOT

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