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Why nations fail

Monday, 09 May 2022

I recently listened to the audio version of why nations fail twice and it encouraged me to order the paper version of it to have on my shelf as it’s definitely one of those books that should be read several times. I never would imagine how much information could be there in a book! You read in the early pages of the book that the writers have spent more than 10 years writing this book. Before this one, I never had read any book neither by Daron Acemoglu or by James A. Robinson. 


It’s not only a political or economic book. I think that reading this book for everyone with an economic or political mindset is essential as it manifests how a nation could look in the future and how it ends as history repeats itself! This book analyses the effects of politics on the economy in detail. I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook and now in the mid of reading the paper version and I think I’m not ready enough to talk more about this book! So I suggest you start reading it if you haven’t picked it up yet.


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