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The difference between living and being alive!

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Everybody should have at least a goal in life. This could be so simple and straightforward as we have heard about those thousands of times! But the reality is that most people are only procrastinating, unfortunately! Human being tends to get comfortable and avoid challenges. But the fact is, every sort of growth needs a challenge. On the other hand, everybody wants success but only a few people tend to get unforgettable! 


There are lots of perspectives and I only have the right of manifesting my own. I personally think that we have come into this world to do something special as we have been born specially and uniquely. I mean, there is no one exactly like me and you in this world. Rather than being effective and adding something special and bold to this world. Put it aside, the problem is that most people are not living in the way that they want! 


I think passion and enthusiasm play the main role in our lives in terms of achieving our goals and living the life that we want. Life is something that happening exactly right now as we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow. So, we can make our moments more joyful by learning, striving, resting, taking action, and finally becoming more and doing more!  


You maybe have experienced the regret of NOT doing something in the past like me. I think that living is having a goal and something to do. Without having a goal and procrastinating, life will be so boring and I think that dying is much better than living like that or only being alive! I know that I’m so tough about this subject but having regrets annoys me more than everything else!

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