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Please don't groan about lack of time!

Monday, 07 January 2019

Most of the people are complaining about having no time in their daily life while the time is the fairest thing shared between human beings and it's up to us how to manage and use it. For example, there are lots of people in my circle of social friends who push the like button and leave comments on my posts just right after publishing it! It means that they are checking social media all the time and they are so-called ready for it and it's interesting that they are talking about the lack of time more than others!


I don't want to talk about the social media, their pros and cons and what's the main target of them and what's going behind the scene; but it seems that an impressive time of the people is spending on social media. You can easily get an application for your handy and toggle a day of your life and see how many times you spend on your cell phone and applications! I'm using app off timer for my android handy, and moment for my iPad. I'm not allowed to spend more than half an hour a day for the group of my social media accounts.


Time is the biggest resource which has been given to us and talking about the lack of it is a sort of ingratitude, just think about the way of using it in the best possible way. You cannot increase or decrease the 24 hours in a day but you can change the way of using it in order to make it effective.

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