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Music plays an important role in everybody's lifeĀ 

Thursday, 05 April 2018

I personally enjoy music, either by listening or by playing. A piece of music can change the entire mood of mine, and that's mostly because I'm a sort of emotional guy, but the effect of music cannot be neglected. There are lots of art in the world, and, we may be interested in some of them or maybe not; But music is the only art that everybody likes it, and it's Impressive. You listen to music while driving, eating, exercising or even working. I've listed and sorted my music library and they have been specialized for place and time! I do believe that you shouldn't listen to every music every time and everywhere, despite if you would be interested in that.

Although I'm not a professional player, since I've started playing an instrument, I've added another big nice challenge into my life. If you are a player or have an experience of playing music, you know, it's really hard to become a professional musician and it takes a lot of time and dedication. In my point view, every professional player is a successful person, because getting progress in playing music requires effort, perseverance and of course the fondness! I suggest you to start playing music rather than listening and continue it forever, It would be more flattering!

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