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Learning a new language by Pimsleur method

Friday, 13 April 2018

It's for two or three years that the Pimsleur method has been a big part of my language learning plan. At the time being, I'm practicing French, German and Spanish via Pimsleur. Unfortunately, I just can pay time in my way to work in the morning and evening and my progress in learning the new language is so slow! But it's an inseparable daily schedule of my life.

In fact, the Pimsleur method has been created by Paul Pimsleur which is an audio-based course. It presents the different phrases and words and grammar in the language you are going to learn and then in your mother tongue or English (it's is handy). By repeating every phrase and words and grammar for several times in a different form and situation, it forces you to learn the new language; and that's the main point and advantage of the Pimsleur method. The motioned method is great for starting. In order to get familiar with the structure and spelling of the language, it would be helpful! For more information about the supported language, you can refer to

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