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How to be more focused

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Regardless of what your job is, and what you are doing for life, you should be focused! No one with a distracted mind can do a great job. There are some jobs out there that force you to be more focused than others like medicine, engineering, reading, and studying…. It seems that every activity needs a sort of concentration and focus, right!? 



I read a lot about biography and I learn so much from that. One of the most common properties of tremendous people is concentration and focus. I think a lot about the people of a few hundred years ago. It seems that they were doing much better in some cases, do you agree with me? An example, we have lots of great people in music, math, physics, chemistry, and so on. We can’t call them only some genius ones as there have been lots of genius people in history that never have done an impressive job and obviously never have been known. There are lots of other factors for doing a great job, but we are talking about concentration and focus. 


I think the people of the past didn’t have a lot to do and because of this, they had an ace on their sleeve. One of the key points of doing better is focusing on what you are doing exactly right now and forgetting about everything else. I know that it’s really hard sometimes as I’m still tackling some cases. I think In today’s world there are some distractions like social networks that take a lot of time from us. Rather than that, we spend a lot of time watching TV or browsing web pages aimlessly. 


Based on some reports, it takes 23 minutes to come back after any distractions. So, you should eliminate everything that makes us distracted like TV, Mobile, etc. But remember that, you should be focused from within, and controlling outer things like social media only can help you in a case. I’m emphasizing this subject as I used to have this problem. I was controlling every outer thing around me but my thoughts because I always have a lot to do. 


Rather than being in the moment and avoiding multitasking, there are some other solutions that could be helpful:

  • Focus on the moment
  • Reduce multitasking
  • Sleep enough
  • East healthy
  • Do meditation
  • Take break
  • Take vacation
  • Connect with nature
  • Listen to your favorite music 
  • Take time for your family and friends 


To conclude, everyone knows himself/herself better than others and knows what's the source of distraction. Focus and take your time! 

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