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Ember Data

Saturday, 03 May 2014

Ember.Js is another popular web application framework to build single page application based on MVC pattern. There is an interesting feature in ember which lets you handle integrated templates to update automatically when the underlying data changes by ensuring your HTML. Ember Data is just a data persistence library such as JSON API that maps client-side models to server-side data. You know, it provides something like ORM in client side.

Ember Data provides two adaptors: RESTAdapter and FixtureAdapterThe RESTAdapter is configured for use by default Which provides a fully RESTful mechanism for your persistence layer. FixtureAdapter allows you to switch to another adapter when your API is ready to consume without any changes to your application code.

Using Ember Data makes it easy to retrieve records from a server, cache them for performance, save updates back to the server, and create new records on the client. But you don’t need to use ember data when you are using emberJS. Ember Data is also designed to work with streaming APIs like, Firebase, or WebSockets.




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