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C# Expression to filter in LINQ

Monday, 30 June 2014

Suppose that you want to create a LINQ query to filter the users of your database based on bool property. Let's say getting inactivated users. You can create expression for that:


  private Expression<Func<User, bool>> GetDeactivatedUserExpression(bool deactivated)


            if (deactivated == false)


                return p => p.Inactive == true;



            return p => p.Inactive == false;




Not that, we just want to filter the output based on a bool parameter. And finally about the usage:



  public PagedResult<UserListView> GetPagedUsers(int page, bool deactivated)


            var deactivatedExpression = GetDeactivatedUserExpression(deactivated);


            return _baseDbContext.Users.Where(deactivatedExpression).Select(d => new UserListView


                Id = d.Id,

                Mobile = d.Mobile,

                CountryCode = d.CountryCode,

                Username = d.Username,

                Inactive = d.Inactive,

                IsVerified = d.IsVerified




Although in an advance way you can use Specification Pattern, the above one is another simple way. Cheers!

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Tags: Linq C#

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