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Both SOA and Web Service have same the mission? They Use each other ? Or what !?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

once a dude asked me a question about the differences between SOA and Web Services, now I list the whole features of them here.


  1. is a software design principle. 
  2. is an architecture and focuses on making different kinds of web services.
  3. is an architectural model for implementing loosely coupled service-based applications.
  4. is used to the integration of services.
  5. is often used to integrate multiple applications that use different platforms.


Web Service

  1.  define a web technology that can be used to build applications that can send /receive messages using SOAP over HTTP. 
  2.  is one of the ways you can implement SOA, it also used to implement REST and RPC Applications.
  3.  used to connect applications running on different platforms.
  4.  is just a realization of SOA.
  5.  is just a communication between two services.
  6.  is just a technology and implemented using a set of standards.

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