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Neither communicate nor be a person with Carb Mentality

Maybe you have heard about carb mentality. It is just another definition of the phrase: If I can’t have it, neither can you! It refers to the person who diminishes anyone else who is about to achieve a success! There are lots of people with this mentality all around the world. So it's not easy to not be one of them. Actually, to the best of my mind, in two cases you wouldn't be a person with carb bucket mentality:


  1. If you don't go fast enough to achieve your goals
  2. If you don't have any goals in your life


I'm not talking about the second one and wish them the best! But if you have any goal in your life but your progress is not impressive enough, change your plan, work harder, be intelligent, make communications, change your position, think different and anything else which helps you toward achieving your goals; but don't be a person with carb mentality and don't communicate these sort of people! Remember that all of the successful people in the world have helped others to achieve their goals and that's the main reason for their great success!

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