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Dreaming big does not suffice!

I see a lot of people around who dream big, it's great and I appreciate you about being a dreamer! But remember that when they talk about dreaming big, strive is hidden and of course it is the main key point. The truth is that everybody would love to live in the best possible situation. but remember that there are a lot of people who deserve more than you because they have tried more than you! I used to have some friends those they were just bullshitting all the time about success and prosperity. they are not in my circle of friends anymore, they are not competent dreamer!

Dream big and strive more and more to achieve your dreams. Learn from children as they are the big dreamer and Its part of their genetic fiber. Without effort, your passion for dreams will be latent gradually. In the way of achieving your dreams, you can use any resource as you can, the resource could be even a group of people. But remember that nobody gives you the dreams you are expecting and you are the only one in the world who should try and receive! Dream big and effort bigger!

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Hi! my name is Ehsan. I'm a developer, passionate technologist, and fan of clean code. I'm interested in enterprise and large-scale applications architecture and design patterns and I'm spending a lot of my time on architecture subject. Since 2008, I've been as a developer for companies and organizations and I've been focusing on Microsoft ecosystem all the time. During the&nb Read More

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