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Become the Best Version of Yourself

A great success is the result of tremendous effort, intelligence, patient and lots of things! There are lots of differences between the thoughts of the people in the world and that's the main difference as well. It's all about the way of thinking! You can listen to them and compare them with normal people around! They are undisputed and full of energy. I don't believe that they could have been born prominent; actually, they have made themselves! Despite, the lifestyle and thought of a prince are definitely different from others, and so-called some opportunities are provided for them, and I don't care about them because they are a few!


 When we look at the great and successful people of the work, they likely make us motivated, but sometimes they don't! literally, they are too far and we can't even think about reaching their situation. Don't be concerned about reaching the final destination, have a positive vision and just keep going. Maybe you never reach their situation, but you definitely can keep going and achieve half of the way of destination and change the current situation of yourself. There is no limitation but in our mind, all of us can become the best version of ourselves although it couldn't be the same as others.

Prosperity mind was a counselor for me

When I was a student at the university, after reading the book Property Mind by Randy Gage,  I decided to translate this book into Persian. After two months of hard working, I finished it. To be frank, I'm not even a little bit upset about breaking the promise by my sponsor which finally caused not publishing the book. I'm really glad that I completely understood what's going in Randy's mind in that book. It's been for years that I'm using this book in my real life. It's awesomely awesome!




This book has been written by real experiences and some scientific subjects like "Chi" has been discussed nicely in it. It's a short book, I recommend you to read it several times!

Keep your business instead of keeping friendship!

The title is so illusory! I'm not talking about your friendship, it's about your friends in the business. I've started a lot of businesses with my friends and none of them have been succeeded. Although there are exceptions in the world and everybody knows them. Business friends are so different from friends. You can end up a business friendship in order to keep your business alive but you cannot end up your friendship just for a business. No word of a lie, I've experienced both of the friendships. There is a nice quote by  John D. Rockefeller about this subject which is: "A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship."


I believe that all the factors of a business such as founders, workers or owners could be and should be replaced by merit in the case of necessity.  We have to face the fact that, not all the people are always like a cannonball! As time goes, Some people lose their enthusiasm but it worth to mention again that there are some exceptions!  In the case of facing with unqualified people in your business, In order to save the business, you should replace them with eligible people. You can deal easier with the friends founded in business than your social friends. When the thought of a business crosses in my mind, I don't count on my friends anymore. My friends will be forever as a friend and don't want to lose them for the sake of starting a new business as the possibility of losing your friends in business is likely more and more.


As a software consultant in lots of private companies, I've considered this subject a lot. Think about the business you are going to embark on and find your business friends, colleagues, and association based on that.

Know your weaknesses

Whatever your field of activity is, whatever the position you are in or who you are in overall; you should know about your weaknesses and you should always try to improve them. I see a lot of people around who renunciate their weaknesses. believe me that the main reason for their mustiness is the lack of awareness about weaknesses. You cannot make a solution without knowing about the problem! You should know about yourself and your weaknesses enough.


I personally always list my weaknesses weekly and monthly and make a plan to compensate! I'm talking about compensation because the only cause of my weaknesses is me! The more you know your weaknesses, the more you become prosperous. Just take a look at the people who argue a lot and look for the culprit and compare them with a successful one who always is busy and try to solve a problem. They will look for the culprit forever and will never find.


I've read a lot about the heroes of the history and prosperous people. All of them do hardly believe that becoming a successful one needs sacrifice and it doesn't mean you should work hard! You should change your mind and make it flexible enough to break some bad habits. None of us are flawless, but we can improve some of them to get the position we deserve!

Neither communicate nor be a person with Crab Mentality

Maybe you have heard about crab mentality. It is just another definition of the phrase: If I can’t have it, neither can you! It refers to the person who diminishes anyone else who is about to achieve a success! There are lots of people with this mentality all around the world. So it's not easy to not be one of them. Actually, to the best of my mind, in two cases you wouldn't be a person with carb bucket mentality:


  1. If you don't go fast enough to achieve your goals
  2. If you don't have any goals in your life


I'm not talking about the second one and wish them the best! But if you have any goal in your life but your progress is not impressive enough, change your plan, work harder, be intelligent, make communications, change your position, think different and anything else which helps you toward achieving your goals; but don't be a person with crab mentality and don't communicate these sort of people! Remember that all of the successful people in the world have helped others to achieve their goals and that's the main reason for their great success!

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