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ASP.NET Intrinsic Objects

When I heard about Intrinsic objects I thought that it’s a collection of objects and something newly added in .Net framework! And that's because I have no experience working with asp classic. in classic ASP, the framework would take care of instantiating a number of objects such as RequestResponseServer and Application. In, the framework creates all of these objects as well But they are not simply global variables named "Request" or "Response". Rather, they are properties exposed by classes. All web forms in are basically instances of the ASP.Net Page class, it exposes all of this intrinsic objects for you. So naturally, when you create a pure class in your application you don't have these intrinsic objects unless you go through HttpContext.Current. So the framework defines all of these objects (Request, Response, Server, Session, Application, User, cache, Trace) in System.Web namespace for you and  They are the core objects necessary for working in the


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