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Some useful and simple SEO techniques

There are some simple techniques that you can increase your webSite's ranking by using them:


Create Valuable Content: It is the most important technique in search engine optimization if you create valuable content in your website your page's visitors will grow and your website will have appeared more in search result!

Create Unique Content: Do not repeat the same content of another website or in other word Don't copy and past other web site's content! because Search engines won't index your website's content anymore.

Put your website's links infamous websites: To be frank, it will take too long time to see your website in Search results, it’s better to publish your articles in a most ranked website like EzineArticle and put the main link of the article in it. (try this one Now!)

Update Continuously: Search engines look for new and best content always and you should blog and update continuously.

Always make interlink in your pages: Link to another post of yours Inside your posts to help users get the related contents.

Use keywords Frequently: If you are writing an article about something, use that thing frequently in your post; it's too important to Search engines.

Use alt tag: Most of the people search the web around the world for images; if you use alt tag in your images, search engines will index your images.

Lengthen your Blog posts: Try to write about 1000 words or more in every post, Google or other search engines don't like to index post with fewer contents.

Speed up your web site:  web Site speed is included in the ranking, try to make your website easy to access.

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