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Why we want you to be rich


Just finished reading the book "Why we want to be rich" by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. As I've said before, they both are my favorite characters and I've lived half of my life by reading their books and using their advice in my daily life. Although I haven't played the role of that entrepreneur, I've tried several times and will try again and again. This book is more and more about real experiences and ideas of two heroes about financial knowledge and the facts of today's world. I learned a lot by reading this book about the future of trade, investment, and business. The book is a little bit long in comparison to other financial books of these writers, I finished the book in two weeks by reading about 2 hours a day. Make your hands dirty and read this book if you are planning to your future and if it's important for you to make a better life!

Running with the most possible speed!



I've mentioned before that I'm a runner. During the last year, I was running in marathon type by mistake! It was just better than anything! I chose the wrong method. As I wanted to grow my muscles and burn the extra fats and moreover have a healthy body so I decided to start running in the morning rather bodybuilding and swimming. Marathon type of running is for someone who wants to lose weigh in overall and it was not my goal. After talking to an athlete friend I decided to change the type to the interval as it is a faster pace than usual aerobic pace and much harder!


To be frank we usually do some habits without any sort of challenge and expect to get succeed. The target and the conclusion of this blog post may seem unrelated but I want to ask you a question, Have you ever heard that an ordinary try doesn't lead you toward your goals!? I was living in my comfort zone and it was an ordinary try! Robert Kiyosaki said: "Challenge yourself. Get uncomfortable! No one makes progress by remaining comfortable." Rather than that, I want to talk about flexibility! If I would have been considered the outcome of my effort and didn't persuade myself blindly; the result would be something else now.

Think like a champion by Donald Trump

It’s for a long time that I’ve been reading motivational books, and I will definitely do it forever. Don’t doubt that even very very successful people read motivational quotes and books every day. I had been heard about the written books by Donald trump but I hadn't been honored to read them. I found a nice one named: “Think like a champion”. I don’t know how to describe this one!

In the forward of the book written by Robert Kiyosaki, I saw a nice praise and of course a fact about Trump: “most of the people are three, they think one thing, they say something else and finally they do not do what they say or think! But Donald Trump is one!

To tell you the truth, although it seems that he is just a business man with a bunch a real world experiences; but after reading this book you would probably find out that why he is now the president of the united states of America! Don’t hesitate on starting this book, Do it right now! I’m listening the content of the book beneath:


  • Barack Obama Election Ushers in
  • a Different World 1
  • Essays, Assets, and Stephen King 3
  • Innovation 7
  • The Importance of Being a Team Player 11
  • An Early Thanksgiving 13
  • Learning Is a New Beginning 15
  • Learn to Think on Your Feet 19
  • Strive for Wholeness 23
  • Give Your Higher Self a Chance 27
  • Wisdom 31
  • The More You Learn, the More You
  • Realize What You Don’t Know 35
  • Think Like a Champion 39
  • I View My Work as an Art Form 43
  • Building Connected Thoughts 47
  • Confronting Your Fears 51
  • Imagination: A Key to Financial Savvy 55
  • Is Business Success a Natural Talent? 57
  • Keep It Short, Fast, and Direct 61
  • Have the Right Mindset for the Job 65
  • Momentum Is Something You Have
  • to Work at to Maintain 69
  • Learn from Setbacks and Mistakes 73
  • Tell People About Your Success 77
  • Prescience 81
  • The Shock Market 83
  • Financial Literacy 85
  • Destiny 89
  • Each Success Is the Beginning
  • of the Next One 93
  • There Are Times When You Should Move On 97
  • Keep the Big Picture in Mind 101
  • Get the Best People You Can 105
  • Winners See Problems as Just Another
  • Way to Prove Themselves 109
  • viii
  • Scotland: You’re Hired! 113
  • Develop a Tempo When You’re Working 117
  • You Can Better Your Best at Any Time 121
  • They Thought I Was Doing So Well 123
  • It’s Not Personal—It’s Business 127
  • Think Like a Genius 131
  • Go Against the Tide 135
  • Think Positively 139
  • People Have Different Ways of Achieving Results 143
  • Discover and Live Your Purpose 147
  • Set the Standard 151
  • Go with Your Gut 155
  • Know Your Audience 157
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Rogue Wave 161
  • Building Your Reputation 169
  • “The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get” 173
  • How to Get Rich 177
  • Work with People You Like 181
  • In Addition to Business: What the
  • Successful Person Needs to Know 185
  • Donald J. Trump’s Recommended Reading 189
  • Index 191


Neither communicate nor be a person with Crab Mentality

Maybe you have heard about crab mentality. It is just another definition of the phrase: If I can’t have it, neither can you! It refers to the person who diminishes anyone else who is about to achieve a success! There are lots of people with this mentality all around the world. So it's not easy to not be one of them. Actually, to the best of my mind, in two cases you wouldn't be a person with carb bucket mentality:


  1. If you don't go fast enough to achieve your goals
  2. If you don't have any goals in your life


I'm not talking about the second one and wish them the best! But if you have any goal in your life but your progress is not impressive enough, change your plan, work harder, be intelligent, make communications, change your position, think different and anything else which helps you toward achieving your goals; but don't be a person with crab mentality and don't communicate these sort of people! Remember that all of the successful people in the world have helped others to achieve their goals and that's the main reason for their great success!

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors!

Maybe you have heard about an African proverb that says, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” I hardly believe this one as I can give you hundreds of example about the people around of mine! Although a few people are ready to tolerate the difficulties of the success path; the point of this post is not about that one. Knowing the fact that hardly ever people are striving about what they really want in their life, most of them contemplate that everything should be in the same way as they want to be in a provided situation for achieving great successes. I know that you are fed up hearing these sort of slogans! Whenever I visit a hero, all of them share some same characteristics!


Heroes hardly ever complain about the harsh situations they have had or even currently struggling with. It's interesting that they usually work hard and trying to find a solution to their problems. Time is much more important for them to spend on complaining and talking about the disaster side of life. Another important thing is about affluent kids. they are in real danger if they wouldn't be well educated. As everything has been provided for them, so they don't have enough relish to strive and achieve great successes. I personally learned the great lessons of my life in harsh Situations, frankly!


I have learned to welcome the rough seas of my life because as Donald Trump says I'm striving for wholeness. Strive for wholeness and believe that the greatest inventions, achievements and finally the great successes are the result of a need and the need is the result of limitation. so don't complain about the limitation of your life and call them a flip!

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