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Don't think about the summit, just keep going!

Mountaineering has always been alike the process of achieving great successes to me. Of course, it takes a lot of stamina and penchant. Just like any other process of getting success, mountaineering has a lot of analyzers and pessimists around to make you despondent. The common question of them usually is "Why would you do that!?". I don't blame anybody and I don't have any answer to that question! Last week, my friends and I decided to conquer the summit of Tochal in Tehran.



Based on forecasts, It was really nice and calm at first and after 6 hours of mountaineering it turned out to such a cold and stormy one at the height of 3800 meters. Just like any other risky activity, you should be flexible enough to change your mindset when it's needed but as it wasn't that dangerous one so we continued until summit!



Tochal not a harsh one and it's mostly known as a mountain for practicing. After spending an hour in stormy weather we saw a nice scene, and it was a kind of gift to us!



Every valuable achievement has a cost, some of them are harder and need dedication. The only thing which is important to me in mountaineering and gives me a tremendous lesson is: "Don't think about the summit, just keep going!" we can make our life honorable by the same rule and reach the summits!


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