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Know your weaknesses

Whatever your field of activity is, whatever the position you are in or who you are in overall; you should know about your weaknesses and you should always try to improve them. I see a lot of people around who renunciate their weaknesses. believe me that the main reason for their mustiness is the lack of awareness about weaknesses. You cannot make a solution without knowing about the problem! You should know about yourself and your weaknesses enough.


I personally always list my weaknesses weekly and monthly and make a plan to compensate! I'm talking about compensation because the only cause of my weaknesses is me! The more you know your weaknesses, the more you become prosperous. Just take a look at the people who argue a lot and look for the culprit and compare them with a successful one who always is busy and try to solve a problem. They will look for the culprit forever and will never find.


I've read a lot about the heroes of the history and prosperous people. All of them do hardly believe that becoming a successful one needs sacrifice and it doesn't mean you should work hard! You should change your mind and make it flexible enough to break some bad habits. None of us are flawless, but we can improve some of them to get the position we deserve!

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