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Please don't groan about lack of time!

Most of the people are complaining about having no time in their daily life while the time is the fairest thing shared between human beings and it's up to us how to manage and use it. For example, there are lots of people in my circle of social friends who push the like button and leave comments on my posts just right after publishing it! It means that they are checking social media all the time and they are so-called ready for it and it's interesting that they are talking about the lack of time more than others!


I don't want to talk about the social media, their pros and cons and what's the main target of them and what's going behind the scene; but it seems that an impressive time of the people is spending on social media. You can easily get an application for your handy and toggle a day of your life and see how many times you spend on your cell phone and applications! I'm using app off timer for my android handy, and moment for my iPad. I'm not allowed to spend more than half an hour a day for the group of my social media accounts.


Time is the biggest resource which has been given to us and talking about the lack of it is a sort of ingratitude, just think about the way of using it in the best possible way. You cannot increase or decrease the 24 hours in a day but you can change the way of using it in order to make it effective.

Try to focus on what you are doing exactly right now

There are lot's of talk about this subject and it's really easy to talk about but not that easy one in action! I know that we have been surrounded by different problems and challenges, sometimes they can piss us off. When I'm talking to my friends or family they think that I'm representing what I've read in the motivational books and there is no action behind them! They don't care about my results, maybe the results haven't been so impressive yet, but they are just making an excuse for their laziness! I don't see in my responsibilities to admire someone to read books, to do exercise, to have a trip and to make their life happier. I'm doing what I've learned (and will learn forever) and representing them for those are listening anxiously.


I've planned every aspect of my life based on my desires, dreams, and interests either in occupation, business or in exercise and music. It took me a lot of time to become an expert planner and I'm working on it to make it improved every day based on a plan. I should say decisively that 80% prerequisite of being well focused is having a good plan. Suppose a busy day of your life, when you have to make 6 phone calls, to send 10 important emails, to have 2 meetings, to read 20 pages of a book, to write an article, to make exercise, to have a fun time with your family, etc. How would handle all of these in a day without having a plan? You have to have a precise plan and a dedicated time to every part of your life. Remember that all the effective people in the world are working based on a plan and nobody has achieved great success without that. 


When you plan to play piano in a specific time of a day, you won't think of anything else at that time because you unconsciously know that you have set a time for it and for other tasks of yours. If you make an effective daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan to yourself, the product improvement of your company would not distract you when are playing tennis with your family because you have dedicated time for each of them. During the last two years, I've made my plans more and more accurate. I read every day about that and trying to experience new methods and make my life better. I will post about my time table schedule on 2/15/2019, you can see more about my plans, my handling methods in that post.


Have a good time and be effective!

Don't make others disappointed by telling about your progress and achievement!

I've heard a lot about telling others the future plans or achievements. In my view, it doesn't work for everybody! Despite I personally get motivation even by the reaction of negative people, not everybody is like me. Some of you might be so sensitive about the reactions and count about the speech of the people around. I've heard the intentional deviation solutions made by envy people a lot whenever I've asked them for help or even have raised my idea and told about my plans. As I've published a post about this topic before over here, so try to not surround yourself with these sort of people if they affect on you in a negative way. 

Once I read somewhere, I don't exactly remember where it was, but it will be in my mind forever: "Don't tell about your dreams and goals to the people, just show them the result!". I like this approach more than sharing before taking any step. In fact, most of the people are the wet blankets and will make you frustrated and will drain your energy and motivation to embark on. Let them just hear about your success, let them believe you an achiever and finally let them judged you by your deeds, not by your words...




Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors!

Maybe you have heard about an African proverb that says, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” I hardly believe this one as I can give you hundreds of example about the people around of mine! Although a few people are ready to tolerate the difficulties of the success path; the point of this post is not about that one. Knowing the fact that hardly ever people are striving about what they really want in their life, most of them contemplate that everything should be in the same way as they want to be in a provided situation for achieving great successes. I know that you are fed up hearing these sort of slogans! Whenever I visit a hero, all of them share some same characteristics!


Heroes hardly ever complain about the harsh situations they have had or even currently struggling with. It's interesting that they usually work hard and trying to find a solution to their problems. Time is much more important for them to spend on complaining and talking about the disaster side of life. Another important thing is about affluent kids. they are in real danger if they wouldn't be well educated. As everything has been provided for them, so they don't have enough relish to strive and achieve great successes. I personally learned the great lessons of my life in harsh Situations, frankly!


I have learned to welcome the rough seas of my life because as Donald Trump says I'm striving for wholeness. Strive for wholeness and believe that the greatest inventions, achievements and finally the great successes are the result of a need and the need is the result of limitation. so don't complain about the limitation of your life and call them a flip!

be nice and make communication

As I travel a lot and see a lot of people, either as fellow travelers or as the people from other cities and countries. It's really interesting that how much you make communication with people, you learn a lot about them. There are lots of targets for making communication with people for everybody. Some want to make friends, some others to know about the cultures, some for trade, etc. The point is we are living in an era that we can make communication easier. For example, you don't have to travel between two cities or two countries to see a friend! It's laughable to say something like this now, but it was about 100 years ago!



Nowadays we can have communication with our friends easily via social networks. For example, I'm working with one of my friends who live in Australia on a project, although it's been for a long time that I haven't seen her. Based on Richard Branson's idea, one of the fifth key points of success is making communication with people. Having a good friendship with people all over the world could make you feel better to have a lot of circle of friends,  or eventually could lead to a win-win result. I mean you can even find co-worker among them as well as I've done a lot before. 


I've made a lot of friends on my trips, in the companies I've worked for, in bodybuilding clubs, in mountaineering courses, and wherever I've been so far. As I told before, today is the era of communication. Don't make your circle of friends limited and make communication with every sort of people regarding your dignity!


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