Interface declarations in TypeScript

TypeScript allows us to define complex types via interfaces. Interfaces play a very important role in complex scenarios. for example when objects contain other properties. In regular form, defining an interface is a little bit like the C# syntax and implementing an interface members by a class is in the below form:


  1. interface IBaseInterface {
  2.     GetSomthing();
  3. }
  5. class BaseClass implements IBaseInterface {
  7.     GetSomthing() {
  8.     }
  9. ... Continue

Introducing Typescript

There is a fact that writing application in JavaScript is so hard. JavaScript is not a programming language and this makes it so hard to manipulate it specially in large application and JavaScript is never designed for large application development. Typescript is a language for application scale JavaScript development, free and open source programming language by Microsoft which compiles to plain JavaScript. Typescript is entirely dynamically typed and every JavaScript code is a valid typescript code and you can copy and Paste JavaScript code to typescript. Typescript supports tools for lar... Continue