Should each service has its own data in SOA?

Recently I'm tackling with a problem which has some dependencies with SOA architecture. It's where a question about SOA architecture comes out: "Does each service has its own data in SOAs?" After searching on the web I found different answers to this question.  It seems that it depends on conditions!

Suppose if something happen in a point everything in the whole system, the process should be back to the earlier point because each task is independent of the others, right? In this case if every service has its own data, it will be easier to deal with the scena... Continue

Long running processes in SOA

"In a SOA each functionality is separated as a service. So, a certain application may use many services to provide a defined functionality. The principles of SOA define services as separate platform- and system-independent entities - each capable of functioning on their own, thus providing reusability and interoperability across disparate platforms."

There are various lifetimes of transaction in SOA architecture (Transaction lifetime is the minimum of time that a transaction is kept open).  A transaction could be end in a few second or a couple o... Continue

Getting started with nServiceBus

When I read about nServiceBus or work with that it reminds me that "If it is complicated, you're probably doing it wrong". nServiceBus is really an amazing service platform for distributed systems and messaging. 


What is nServiceBus!?

nServiceBus is the most popular service platform for Dot Net. It's a powerful messaging framework for designing distributed .NET enterprise systems. nServiceBus gives you a scalable, and maintainable service-layer... Continue

Understanding basics of Service oriented architecture

"Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software design and software architecture design pattern based on structured collections of discrete software modules, known as services, that collectively provide the complete functionality of a large software application. The purpose of SOA is to allow easy cooperation of a large number of computers that are connected over a network. Every computer can run an arbitrary number of programs - called services in this context - that are built in a way that they can exchange information with any other service within the rea... Continue

Both SOA and Web Service have same the mission? They Use each other ? Or what !?

once a dude asked me a question about differences between SOA and Web Services, now I list the whole features of them here.


  1. is a software design principle. 
  2. is an architecture and focuses on making different kinds of web services .
  3. is an architectural model for implementing loosely coupled service based applications.
  4. is used to integration... Continue