BrightstarDB and its different targets

I was looking for NoSQL databases in Wikipedia, in Graph databases section I saw an open source data storage written in Dot Net. After exploring the source code I found that it would be so cool. This library seems to be more easier than Neo4J to getting started. I don't know exactly how graph database work and also how BrightstarDB works.





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Document store NoSQL Databases

Document oriented databases AKA Semi-structured data are designed for managing , storing and retrieving the document orientation databases. Document data stores are kinds of NoSQL databases.  There is no any kind of schema and limitation of fixed table fields and relations of traditional RDBMS databases in Document Store Databases. these databases store documents into a database. You can imagine the document a JSON document ... Continue

What NoSQL Data Bases are all about ?

"Big Data is the driver for NoSQL’s rise, but not the only reason to use NoSQL, Many NoSQL databases are designed to run well on large clusters, which makes them more attractive for large data volumes. But often people select NoSQL due to easier database interaction in their applications.and Big Data, Big Users, and Cloud Computing – are driving the adoption of NoSQL technology. NoSQL databases are Non-relational ,Open-source , Cluster-friendly ,21st century web and schema-less" ~ Martin Fowler

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