Fluent Nhibernate Sample Project in Asp.net MVC

Nhibernate is an ORM designed for Microsoft.Net, it's free and open source and it's a port of java mapper to Dot Net. And fluent Nhibernate is a separate version of Nhibernate which lets you write your entities according to your business instead of starting from creating tables, fluent Nhibernate is just a fluent API for mapping classes with NHibernate. what an ORM does, is persisting object In database and then retrieving when it is needed, indeed it translates the object to database and vice versa.

In Entity Framework yo... Continue

Nhibernate vs Entity Framework

Entity framework and nhibernate are two famous ORM for developers. Both of them have been used in many projects and each of them has it's own cons and pros and common features as well. I'm gonna list some of them here. I personally like both of them and experienced in several projects. both Frameworks are used for processing relational data to domain specific objects. Both NHibernate and the Entity Framework provide the capabilities required to implement an O... Continue