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A little talk about levelDB

LevelDB is an OpenSource, NoSQL and key/value data store, based on Google's BigTable written by Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat from Google. LevelDB stores the data by key and value in a byte array and also it sorts the data by key. If you have any experience working with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or RavenDB, you can use a library to promote your data store.

LevelDB is the same database used in your Chrome browser and its storage architecture is based on ideas in Google’s BigTable. it decreases the on-disk size of stores with minimal sacrifice of speed and uses a cache to speed up common reads. as it stores records as key/value so it makes easy to search records by the key. The cache can potentially be large enough to fit an entire active working set in memory. levelDB provides a collection of Put and Del operations that are atomic; this is where the whole collections are in a single Batch operation.


Read more about levelDB:


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