Why should I define container classes in C++

What's a container class?

It's a class which is used to hold objects in memory or external storage to clumping variables of the same type to make the sorting, searching, … easier. A container could store many entities and provide direct access to them like string class.  Needless to say, The size of the container depends on the number of the objects it contains. A Container usually defined as a class that gives you the power to store any type of data. A container class acts as a generic holder.

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Introducing book: Pro Asp.net 4.5 in C#

About two years ago, I read some chapters of Pro asp.net 3.5 (it was the second edition of the book). I remember that I didn't dig in some chapter like lifecycle and Context, Modules, Handlers, Caching, Managing paths, Configurations, …  but now as I really need to know what's exactly going on the behind of asp.net I've decided to read this book in detail. In my opinion it's necessary to every asp.net developer as it really convers more about asp.net and it's frameworks. 

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