Don't do that, do this!

This blog post is about what I learned from the presentation by @DamianEdwards on here. As it was so interesting so I decided to write a blog post about that. It seems that Most of the points are about using web form techniques.


Standard compliance

Control Adapters: Try to Avoid control adapters in web form as they are originally designed to support mobile devices. instead try to use standard html and CSS and ... Continue

In process session state mode in

You know a session is just a period of time for a specific user interaction in a web application. And the Session state is feature in Microsoft for maintaining the same time for the user stored locally the Web server. InProc is the default session state mode and specified In-process mode to values and variables in memory on the local Web server. In comparison to other modes (state server and SQL server), InProc is faster as they both spend some time to serializing and desterilizing while reading and writing the data.

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ASP.NET Intrinsic Objects

When I heard about Intrinsic objects I thought that it’s a collection of objects and something newly added in .Net framework! And that's because I have no experience working with asp classic. in classic ASP, the framework would take care of instantiating a number of objects such as RequestResponseServer and Application. In, the framework creates all of these objects as well But they are not simply global variables named "Request" or "... Continue

Different Kinds of Caching in MVC4

When your web site has so many users it means your server has so many recieved requests, there is no need to query for every request Made by users because it will make some performance issues, for example there are some static content in your web site that you don’t update them for several months, in these cases you can cache those content and don't force your server to get them from data base in every request. there are different kinds of caching in 


OutPutChaching: has a b... Continue

How many types of cookies are there in

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that can be remembered between pages or web server and browser. web application read that file information whenever the user refers to the web site. Cookie is one of the several ways to store data in the user's browser when the user is not connect to the web server which is sent by web server to the browser.


What are the usages?

Cookies could be used for authentication, identification, shopping cart information, or any tex... Continue