Introducing book: Patterns of enterprise application architecture

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler is one the most famous book about the patterns and software architecture. I've read this book and it's still one the best source for me when I'm going to choose the best patterns and architecture for my solutions. It's a book for designing the multi-tiered object oriented platforms, such as java and Microsoft Dot Net. It's too important to design your application based on standard architectures and patterns.

If you want to be a real software architect I recommend to completely this book. each section in this book contains a detailed discussion of trade-offs and pitfalls and provides a consistent vocabulary and visual notation to describe large-scale integration solutions across many implementation technologies. The patterns in the book are technology-agnostic and come to life with examples implemented in different messaging technologies, such as SOAP, JMS, MSMQ, .NET, TIBCO and other EAI Tools.

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You can see the books short summary below (more information

Domain Logic Patterns: Transaction Script , Domain ModeTable ModuleService Layer.

Data Source Architectural Patterns: Table Data GatewayRow Data GatewayActive RecordData Mapper.

Object-Relational Behavioral Patterns: Unit of WorkIdentity MapLazy Load

Object-Relational Structural Patterns: Identity FieldForeign Key MappingAssociation Table MappingDependent Mapping , Embedded ValueSerialized LOBSingle Table InheritanceClass Table InheritanceConcrete Table InheritanceInheritance Mappers .

Object-Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns: Metadata MappingQuery ObjectRepository.

Web Presentation Patterns: Model View ControllerPage Controller, Front ControllerTemplate ViewTransform ViewTwo-Step ViewApplication Controller.

Distribution Patterns: Remote FacadeData Transfer Object

Offline Concurrency Patterns: Optimistic Offline LockPessimistic Offline LockCoarse Grained LockImplicit Lock.

Session State Patterns: Client Session StateServer Session State,Database Session State.

Base Patterns: GatewayMapperLayer SupertypeSeparated InterfaceRegistryValue ObjectMoneySpecial Case,PluginService StubRecord Set


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