How to make an agile team motivated?

Today I was in the second meeting of Iran agile community, although the discussion was a little bit messy but I made some documents around. I'm just going to share what the members talked about and this blog post is the opinions of the members about "How to make an agile team motivated?"


What's the motivation?

Motivation is the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Everybody has a motivation, motivation to do something, to drink a glass of water to reduce thirsty, to create something, to live and blah blah! And also the main idea behind the motivation could be different in every individual, it could be prosperity, healthy, Esteem or something else. As a human being you should discover your inner needs and requirements to create the motivation. Your motivation could be something different from a team's motivation that you are in it.


Where does it come from?

When you need to something you have motivation to take an action about that and it's all about the necessity and requirement which makes you to do something. it could be people and events outside of yourself,  beliefs and views of life, Fear and intimidation. Motivations source also could be nurtured by the prevailing culture.


What makes the motivation?

Motivation is the core of all action. When you think that you are playing an important role, it could be useful to increase you motivation. By understanding and acting upon the things that motivate you one begins to understand what it means to live a healthy, happy life, energetic and efficient. Motivation is both genetic and learned trait.


What's the role of a team on creating the motivation?

An agile team shouldn't has any defined role for members! When you are talking about agility you should implement a cross functional approach to create the real team working. An agile team has a specific goal but members may follow other goals. Team should create the members in specific level. It's too important that how team members deal with other, as team member or as a leader Try Not to make somebody discourage if you can't make any kind of prompt!


How many Kinds of motivation are there?

The science of motivates trifecta is consist of autonomy, mastery and purpose

 Autonomy: Everybody and overall every agile team should be independent on choosing methodologies, frameworks, tools and … but with little bit demur! you can't be too independent to dissemble the epidemic of the selected tools and methodologies or customer wants and any kind of Restriction.

Mastery: We want to get better at doing things. A sense of progress, not just in our work, but our capabilities, contributes to our inner drive. Employers should look at calibrating what people must do by looking at what they can do. 

Purpose: Purpose is what gets you out of bed in the morning and into work without groaning and grumbling, or in other word something that you just can’t fake. People who find purpose in their work unlock the highest level of the motivation game. 



Thanks for your reading and thanks for Iran agile community and members which made my day today, keep your head down son! cheers...

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