Characteristics of Meteor

Just a few hours ago I read some cool stuff about another JS library called Meteor. The story of Meteor doesn't stop on a simple library or framework. There are some claims in documentation of Meteor web site which seems interesting:

  1. Meteor makes it an order of magnitude simpler
  2. You can build a complete application in a weekend via Meteor
  3. No longer do you need to provision server resources
  4. You don’t need to manage database, ORM or broadcast data invalidations to clients.
  5. You use one language in both client and server to produce your application
  6. With meteor, All layers, from database to template, should make an event-driven interface available


So what's going In the background?

Meteor use the Node.Js in server side and JavaScript in the client. Meteor gathers all of the JS files and renders in node.JS server and provides the variables isClient and isServer so that your code can alter its behavior depending on whether it's running on the client or the server (WOW!) That's where every important thing you need to make it secure is kept in server directory. Meteor deals with Html code so different: "Meteor scans all the HTML files in your directory for three top-level elements:<head>, <body>, and <template>. The head and body sections are separately concatenated into a single head and body, which are transmitted to the client on initial page load." I've no Idea until I haven’t test it!

Meteor has a Meteor account for authentication and authorization! It has integrated with Open Id for giant web sites like Facebook, twitter,… it supports for reactive programming: "you can write your code in a simple imperative style, and the result will be automatically recalculated whenever data changes that your code depends on."


Read about Meteor in . It's a really complete documentation for Meteor.

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