BrightstarDB and its different targets

I was looking for NoSQL databases in Wikipedia, in Graph databases section I saw an open source data storage written in Dot Net. After exploring the source code I found that it would be so cool. This library seems to be more easier than Neo4J to getting started. I don't know exactly how graph database work and also how BrightstarDB works.





In the above picture, the two feature marked with a circular was kind of interesting for me as I've read a lot about NoSQL databases. With BrightstarDB, you can work objects just like Entity Framework with flexibility of NoSQL databases. It helps you to build .net Domain model and persist the objects into the BrightstarDB. And overall it's been optimized for high performance when working objects.

Rather than entity framework and linq, it supports for developing windows phone, windows 7 and 8. you can have isolated storage for these platforms and Operating systems. I'm writing a sample application via BrightstarDB, I will try to write blog post as my first post about BrightstarDB in a few days.




Tags: NoSQl

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