What is CQRS ?

CQRS Is an alternative architecture and pattern for Domain Driven Design (But you don’t basically need DDD to apply CQRS). A method should either change state of an object, or return a result, but not both. In other word, asking the question should not change the answer. CQRS is a pattern that strictly segregates the responsibility of handling command input into an autonomous system from the responsibility of handling side-effect-free query (read) access o

What is Hadoop? 

Hadoop is an open source platform designed by Apache and written in java programming language for vast majority of data with new ways of storing that makes it easy managing the big data to cheap and efficient. Hadoop is not just a data storage for archiving massive of data, it provides wide variety of fast data processing methods. it has two main part: data processing framework and distributed file system. Rather than making it easy working with big data, Hadoop is enable scale up to cluster

I'm too young to talk about Domain Driven Design , and This article is about what I've learned from Domain driven design by reading the resources that you can see at the end of this article .


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  2. What is DDD ?
  3. Why DDD ??
  4. Domain Model and Subdomain
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When your web site has so many users it means your server has so many recieved requests, there is no need to query for every request Made by users because it will make some performance issues, for example there are some static content in your web site that you don’t update them for several months, in these cases you can cache those content and don't force your server to get them from data base in every request. there are different kinds of caching in asp.net 


OutPutChaching: ASP.net has a b