HTML5 is a cooperation between the World Wide Web Consortium and the Web Hypertext Application, it includes all the features from HTML 4.01, but it also adds several new and more powerful features. You may think of HTML as new tags and overall a new version of html, but it's not all about those new and interesting features and it's not the whole story.

You can use Html5 API to detect support for different video formats, play a video, pause, mute audio and everything else you need to build a rich user experience around the <video> ta

"Big Data is the driver for NoSQL’s rise, but not the only reason to use NoSQL, Many NoSQL databases are designed to run well on large clusters, which makes them more attractive for large data volumes. But often people select NoSQL due to easier database interaction in their applications.and Big Data, Big Users, and Cloud Computing – are driving the adoption of NoSQL technology. NoSQL databases are Non-relational ,Open-source , Cluster-friendly ,21st century web and schema-less" ~ Martin Fowler

NoSQL doesn't mean "No to SQL" but it's st

there are some simple techniques that you can increase you webSite's ranking by using them:


Create Valuable Content: It is the most important technique in search engine optimization, if you create valuable content in your web site your page's visitors will grow and you website will be appeared more in search result!

Create Unique Content: Do not repeat the same content of another web site or in other word Don't copy and past other web site's content! be