There are lots of differences between these to approach. Anemic model is an anti-pattern introduced by martin fowler to encourage developers to duplicate code!  Based on the main idea behind DDD, if you have ubiquitous language then you can have domain model Anemic domain model is the use of a software domain model where the domain objects contain little or no business logic. in a Rich Domain Model behavior is included in the domain object while in Anemic Domain Model behavior is implemented in separate classes.

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If you create a regular Class Library it has only one target Framework. it means you can only build an application  with that to run in a one platform, And if you would like to use this class library in other platforms such as mobile, azure and etc, you have to recompile it. Portable Class Library or PCL is a new project in Visual Studio from Microsoft that enables you to create C# and Visual Basic libraries that run on a variety of .NET platforms to write once and use more.

Portable class library is just a class library that can run on various .NET Framework platfo

Nhibernate is an ORM designed for Microsoft.Net, it's free and open source and it's a port of java mapper to Dot Net. And fluent Nhibernate is a separate version of Nhibernate which lets you write your entities according to your business instead of starting from creating tables, fluent Nhibernate is just a fluent API for mapping classes with NHibernate. what an ORM does, is persisting object In database and then retrieving when it is needed, indeed it translates the object to database and vice versa.

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